Here you can find an overview of all our product bundles for Native Instruments Massive, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, u-He ACE and discoDSP Discovery Pro. Every bundle is available for a lower price, compared to the regular prices of the contained products.

Futured Bundle for NI Massive

Futured Bundle for NI Massive 300 NI Massive Presets for Electro House, Trance & Ambient
Contains Futured E-1, Futured E-2 & Futured E-3
Bundle Price: 55.95 € (instead of 74.85 € – You save: 25%)

Synergy Bundle for Sylenth1

Synergy Bundle for Sylenth1 256 Sylenth1 Presets for Trance & EDM
Contains Synergy Vol.1 & Synergy Vol.2
Bundle Price: 47.95 € (instead of 59.90 € – You save 20%)

Cable Bundle for u-He ACE

Cable Bundle for u-He ACE 192 u-He ACE presets for House, Trance & Ambient
Contains CableDance, CableForce & CableSphere
Bundle Price: 37.95 € (instead of 50.85 € – You save 25%)

Pro-Wave Bundle

Pro-Wave Bundle 128 DiscoveryPro Presets & 100 Waveforms for EDM & Trance
Contains Pro-Wave 1 & Pro-Wave 2
Bundle Price: 29.95 € (instead of 37.90 € – You save 21%)

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