Right here you can find all pre-release informations of upcoming products, so you`re always in the loop, what comes next on CFA-Sound! Currently four products are on the way from our lab to your desk:

Teaser - Divorce 2Divorce 2.0 – the long-awaited update of our E-Piano soundmodule is close to the final stage. With the new Kontakt version with performance script and gui, we dropped the player vst & audiounit plugin – which can`t (based on the dev-software) guarantee full stability on all systems, so the all-new factory instruments will be the core of this major update together with the enhanced kontakt gui – the new instrument sounds coming with more depth as before, more details and way more character – still matching to the principle of this product “The Dark Side of Piano Sound”!

Teaser - DrumGrizzly 2XDrumGrizzly 2X – Now, after FilterGrizzly and the flagship of this series MonoGrizzly has been updated to the final version with a massive overhaul and completely new code, gui and sounds – DrumGrizzly will follow to complete the Grizzly series. Same as the previous named Grizzlys, the code and gui will be completely new. Through the customer`s wishes and feedback there will be some new features. The probably most conspicuous will be option to play the DrumGrizzly with a static pitch as in before, or tonal with keytracking.

Teaser - HIVE SoundsetHIVE Soundset – it looks like the ultimate Sylenth1 killer, and even with superb u-He sound quality inside it should be easy on the CPU as Sylenth1 but with way more features – and as mention the superb sound quality of u-he which we surely all love. So no doubt, there will be also a CFA-Sound soundset for HIVE out soon!

Teaser - Serum SoundsetSerum Soundset – after the big success of our first soundset for Xfer Serum (TITAN-1), there will be the follow-up ready in the next months to feed your Serum with even more awesome sounds!

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