DSP-Drums offers a brandnew collection of futuristic drum samples, complety designed with modern synthesizers. Each DSP-Drum pack offers 2 categories: pure – the raw drumsounds freshly from the synthesizer, and processed – with additional dynamic rework for much more punch and power.

DSP-Drums 01 – ACE contains 580 synth drum samples designed with the ultimate weapon amongst analog sounding softsynths, u-he ACE. Deep, pumping kicks, beautiful percussion, groovy loop sequences next to analog & resonant sounds are waiting in here!

– 540 drums & 40 loops
– suitable for minimal, techhouse & electro
– 24-bit WAV stereo
– 2 categories: pure & processed
– sampler-patches for EXS24 & Kontakt included

– 24-bit WAV, EXS24 & Kontakt sampler patches

– Full Package (580 Samples): 14,95 € incl. VAT



RW Waveformless 102Waveformless
The percussion would work great in electro house and anything looking for a high quirk factor. There`s a lot of creativity in the sound design, the sound quality is top notch, and the price is very reasonable. Rating: 9/10

RW Audio-Desk 102Audio Desk:
Furthermore the product delivers crisp and experimental drumshots from claps to kicks to various percussion elements, which makes “DSP-Drums ACE” probably one of the best choices for a very unique electro production including never-heard sounds: almost every sample is inspiring as such, besides the sounddesign being top notch: precise cuts, very different sounds. Rating: 92%

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